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The Moms of Instagram

The Moms of Instagram

Right now Instagram and Podcasts are a large part of my free time. I work from home, for myself, and spend the rest of my time a toddler playing imaginary games. These are my quick windows to the larger world on a daily basis. And Instagram has connected me with a lot of people I know I would hang out with IRL, but for now are in my DMs. 

In the mom social media and pod-media (let's make up words!) world I feel like there are two kinds of moms represented: either you're a sassy, gives-no-fucks, wine slugging mom or you're a precious, bassinets and bonnets, scrap booking mom. I've never met a mom IRL that falls into either bucket exclusively. And to be honest I've never made it through a single episode of a mom-podcast... even The Longest Shortest Time.

Over my nearly 4 years as a hobby mom of one, I started and then stopped following accounts like Scary Mommy, and accidentally started finding women I really enjoyed following because they were real human people with dimension who also happen to be moms. 

So if you're looking for some fresh moms in your feed (oh yeah) hitch up your mom jeans, and get those thumbs tapping, here's the short list of my favorite moms to follow on Instagram right now. 

Eva Chen β€” @evachen212

Mom of two, lives in NYC, works at Instagram in fashion. She sits front row at NYFW and also posts IG stories pleading with her toddler to her lunch at baby school. 


Jenny Mollen β€” @jennyandteets2

Mom of two, NYC transplant from LA. She's written two books, I've read one. Was an actress, now funny on the internet/my Kindle. Married to Jason Biggs. Legit friends with Chelsea Handler. Brutally real about everything postpartum and mom life, calls her toddler the dictator, posts pumping photos...you'll be lulled into thinking you found a new best friend. 


Leandra (Medine) Cohen β€” @leandramcohen

New mom of twins and founder of Man Repeller. My favorite IG series of her pregnancy were #crouchingselfiehiddenfupa, ~kΓΌL~ grandma, the updates on her leg/foot swelling and her insanely long hilarious poll stories... like what to put in a jar. Choices being things like "human teeth or m&ms". 

Genga β€” @spokewoven

Mom of one living in Brooklyn. I started following her because she makes these INSANE dreamcatchers that I dream of (and am saving up for)...but then started really resonating with her mama posts. They are really sweet and real, and funny and true. She's honest about the struggle to get pregnant, the balance of a full time job with a side hustle of art plus being a mom, and what it really takes to make it work. 


Beth Gerdes McKenzie β€” @bethgmckenzie

Mom of two. Ironman triathlete, co-founder of Wyn Republic, always on the move! I love how her family travels, races, trains, and obviously loves sharing the adventure together even when it's tough. And she's honest about the tough stuff too, so it's not just some airbrushed picture of life with a toddler in Thailand. She tells the hard and good, and just like in your life... a lot of times it's the same stuff. 


Roma β€” @chittawellness

Mom of one, living in Brooklyn. Roma is a pre/post natal coach, run coach for Every Mother Counts, and writer. She dealt with thyroid imbalance (hyper thyroid) and then a hernia repair in her first 7 months postpartum. She shares it all through the lens of a fitness and wellness professional, and has a lot of good insight there. Thyroid imbalance is actually super prevalent in new moms, and left untreated can spiral! The more you know. The REAL road "back" after baby can be super bumpy and unpredictable, I love how honest she is about it. 

Even more MOMZ! 

I have a feeling you all already follow these moms...but just in case...

Lauren Fleshman β€” @laurenfleshman

Kara Goucher β€” @karagoucher

Alysia Montano β€” @alysiamontano

Erin Taylor β€” @erinjasyoga

Ashley Fizz β€” @runningbun

Michele β€” @nycrunningmom

Sarah Marie β€” @missfitznyc

Erica Sara β€” @ericasara

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